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Social Justice

At Highfield Road, we are committed to social justice and support a number of initiatives that seek wholeness, reconciliation and justice.

Act For Peace

We support the ecumenical work of the Victorian and National Council of Churches through Act for Peace.

Act for Peace empowers war-torn communities to reduce poverty, protect refugees and prevent conflicts. Act For Peace is very strongly supported by our congregation, particularly through the Christmas Bowl appeal.

Amnesty Letter Writing

Aerogrammes and e-mail addresses along with written information and possible letter outline are provided to interested congregational members to use to write supporting prisoners of conscience.


Highfield Road supports the SHARE Community Appeal, including their Hotham Asylum Seekers Project, Lenten Appeal & Winter Appeal.

Zambian Stall

Approximately 8 times a year a small stall operates after church to raise money for various self help projects in Zambia, especially scholarships for young people. We rely on the generosity of church members to bake, grow, donate etc to provide the goods for sale. Over $1000 is raised each year, with the stall operating for 15 years.

We also organise petitions and other information of causes that arise such as the Cadbury's purchasing of Fair Trade Cocoa and the Mica Challenge.

Contact: Stephen Pallot (9836 6560)